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Become a FoodRazor Ambassador, get paid to refer FoodRazor to your network and turn your trusted referrals into income.

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FoodRazor pays an industry leading commission — 20% per paying outlet's first year subscription fee.

You can share FoodRazor with your F&B network and we will provide you with the resources you need.

You get paid once your lead turns into a paying customer for us.

It's that easy.


Earn up to USD163 per outlet

It's Easy to Get Started


Free sign-up. Submit the form, go through a call with our Sales team and you're good to go.

How it works


Use our specially crafted templates to blast out messages to your network. Link them up with us and start earning.

Resources Readily Available


Sales deck, walkthrough videos, call/email scripts, logos, marketing materials, support line.

Everything you need and more.

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Working with FoodRazor as an ambassador has been a very rewarding experience so far. It's an amazing feeling to know that I can help friends and colleagues in the F&B industry find exactly what they need and improve their businesses, while getting paid nicely for it. 

Benjamin Pippin,

Product Ambassador

Image by Nathan Dumlao

It's as easy as grabbing coffee

Call up your network, sit down for a chat at the nearest cafe, tell them about us and get them started on a demo call!

Bring in the leads and we'll take it from there.


What is FoodRazor's Product Ambassador Program?

This is a purely commission-based scheme where Ambassadors tap into their F&B network and refer them to us as leads.

Are there any requirements or commitments?

No! No strings attached. We don't need you to hit a target every month, all we need is for you to share our software with your network to bring in leads whenever you can.

How much will I get for every lead I refer?

You will receive 20% of the first year subscription of each paying outlet you bring to FoodRazor. Example: You refer Michael to us and he signs up 3 outlets/month. Each month, Michael pays us USD99 x 3 (USD297), while you earn $59.40. After a year, you would have made USD712.80 just for that referral alone.

When will the payout be?

The payout will be given every end of the month.
Example: Any commission earned in February will be paid on March 31.

What do I do with a lead that is interested?

You will be provided a calendar link to book a demo session between our Sales Representative and your lead. Do remind your leads that this will be a quick 30-minute online demo and to turn up for the appointments.

How will I receive the payout?

On the last day of each month, you will receive a monthly report on the number of customers you have signed up for FoodRazor, as well as the payout via email. During your first payout, we will send you an email from TransferWise for you to fill in your bank details.

Will I receive any resources/materials to help me?

Yes! We have a library of resources, decks, templates, logos, videos available for you to leverage upon to bring in leads. They'll be made available to you once you sign up as a FoodRazor Product Ambassador. Drop us an email here if there are materials that you require.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the "Start Earning Now" button and fill in the form. Our Sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

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