A closer look at how Mad Men Attic Bar saves at least 6 hours per week 

Eugene Fung is the co-founder of Mad Men Attic Bar, a trendy rooftop bar in the central business centre at Boat Quay. On top of doing all the marketing and publicising for the bar, Eugene says processing invoices can easily take up to two or three hours every day.

Eugene and his manager believed that without more insight into their invoices and orders, they cannot be better informed and have control over their costs down to individual ingredient spending. This is when, he decided it was necessary to make the switch from the archaic excel data entry method for keeping track of invoices to a more automated and systematic approach.

They required a system that would allow them to extract specific data from all the invoices whilst being simple and time-saving for his staff to use. FoodRazor was introduced and the benefits were virtually instant.

FoodRazor helped to digitize all his invoices in just a single batch scan or photo taking. All the bills are organized, making it easier to see how much is spent on each supplier as well as the overall purchasing of that week.

Since implementing FoodRazor, Eugene says three hours a day are saved from processing invoices and far fewer mistakes from human error are made. This has freed up time for them to focus on better serving their customers and providing exceptional dining experiences.

The details of invoices are sometimes so minute that you don't keep track of it, but FoodRazor helps us to solve this by breaking it down quickly and easily, so we always have the information we need.

Eugene Fung

Co-Founder, The Mad Men Attic Bar

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