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Learn how Italian Restaurant and Lounge, Zafferano reduced operational costs on hiring staff

When it comes to keeping high quality sourced fresh ingredients of traditional Italian cuisine on the plate, few restaurants are as dedicated as Zafferano. On a monthly basis, the restaurant sources between 20-50 different suppliers to order from, just for the food. This equates to almost 200 invoices that need to be manually captured, every month.

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Amanda, Zafferano's accountant, shared that the hassle of producing her monthly accounting reports involved the tedious data-entry of invoices. This task required too much manual labour and wasn’t really helping with the efficient time management and manpower cutback the management team needed.


On top of that, in order to identify prices of a specific item in their invoices, Amanda has to go through stacks of physical invoices as the accounting software only records the lump sum amount and not by line-item record. 

Adopting technology like FoodRazor helped the restaurant to establish an automated and streamlined system between the front-end and back-end operations. Only having to take pictures of the invoices turned into a major time saver for Zafferano’s chefs and accountant, Amanda. Having invoices digitized by line-item also came in handy when exporting to their existing accounting software, providing a more detailed financial report, almost automatically.


If we didn’t use FoodRazor, we’d have to hire a person just to capture the invoices. FoodRazor helps us reduce that one manpower.

Amanda Wu

Accountant, Zafferano

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