How Food For Thought uses daily price increase notifications to lower food cost

Food for Thought is a social enterprise restaurant group that aims to transform the community and to bring people together for good food and good thoughts. The cafe serves heritage-inspired comfort food with a modern twist.

Operations manager Maria says that as an F&B manager, monitoring expenses is key, but with no proper tracking system in place, only the total spending amount is calculated at the end of the month. This is often too late to enforce any cost-controlling measures.

After using FoodRazor for some time now, Food for Thought claims that one of the most valuable tools is the daily price increase notification function. It has effectively helped to alert them the exact percentage increase in ingredient costs so that they can make adjustments in real-time. This has helped them to minimize their operational costs and control their restaurant spending.

When we were notified through the daily price increase notification that the price of oranges spiked considerably, we were able to immediately prompt our chef to minimize the use of it on time!


Operations Manager, Food For Thought

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