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See how Glee Hospitality Solutions shaves off 1/3 of their time spent on manual invoicing tasks each month and help redirect manpower resources to other areas

What were some of the challenges you faced before using FoodRazor? 

We faced difficulties in tracking price fluctuations, there were circumstances where there were human errors, and also time management was a big issue. 

How did FoodRazor help you tackle these challenges?

FoodRazor has a dashboard that tracks price fluctuation in real-time. The system also effectively minimises or even completely removes human errors during data entry, enabling more accuracy. Because of that, we are better able to save time and to better utilise our manpower and other resources.


With FoodRazor we are able to delegate and redirect our human resources to other tasks, saving on manpower. At the same time, we can minimize and remove human error in data-entry tasks, improving accuracies of tracking price fluctuations. FoodRazor is a highly recommended software. 

Abdul Kader Saadi

Owner, Glee Hospitality Solutions

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