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Come Back Stronger with FoodRazor

Optimise your manpower, manage purchase orders and track your outlet spending to improve your profit margins

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Join other food service operators worldwide in digitising invoices, tracking food costs

and creating expense reports with FoodRazor

Why FoodRazor


Optimise Manpower

Allow your staff to focus on better service by getting rid of manual data entry and spreadsheets.


Maximise Profits

Catch up on your business while conveniently track food costs and staying profitable.

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Save time


Enjoy efficient procurement and transparent purchase order management.


Excellent in managing your invoicing in real-time. Particularly on market fluctuating goods like fish, and fruit and veg. Allows you to gather and store information on all suppliers and watch your cost sales which much more detail.


Owner of Pacino's



We have always struggled with accurately tracking our COGS. FoodRazor is a great product that will greatly assist in saving a lot of time and increasing the accuracy of tracking COGS.

Tarren Colwell,

Owner of At The Heads



With FoodRazor we are able to delegate and redirect our human resources to other tasks, saving on manpower. At the same time, we can minimize and remove human error in data-entry tasks, improving accuracies of tracking price fluctuations. 

Abdul Kader Saadi,

Owner of Glee Hospitality

(United Arab Emirates)


If we didn’t use FoodRazor, we’d have to hire a person just to capture the invoices. FoodRazor helps us reduce that one manpower.

Amanda Wu,

Accountant, Zafferano



Invoice Processing in
24 hours

Take a photo of your invoices and upload, or upload by email to our platform and visualise the data within a day

No more manual data entry

Line-item details down to unit price and quantity

Price Hike Notifications


Notify you when we detect any price increase from your supplier invoices

No more over-paying suppliers

Dashboard Analytics and Expense Reports


Access customized spending reports within seconds

Take corrective action on your spending immediately

Download CSV.png
Accounting ready with Xero, Quickbooks Online and more 


Automatically have invoices exported to your accounting software

Build detailed financial reporting by assigning unique accounting codes to each line-item

Start your cost-saving journey today!

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