Track food costs & manage invoices easily
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Save up to 20% of your COGS &

10 hours a month

How can FoodRazor help?

FoodRazor is a time and cost-saving

invoice management platform perfect for

chefs and restaurant owners looking to

save hours on manual data-entry and up to 20% on food costs.


Upload scanned invoices to get price increase alerts,

and detailed reports at your fingertips.

Pictures to Prices

Process invoices accurately within 24 hours, down to line-item details. 

Real-time Visibility

Real-time visibility into food spending and price hikes to make informed purchase decisions, and negotiate prices with your vendors.

Accounting Integrations

No more data entry, no more paper storage, no more missing invoices. Connect your FoodRazor account seamlessly with your accounting software and streamline operations.

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FoodRazor provides excellent visibility across our food and beverage costs. FoodRazor is a great product that will greatly assist in saving a lot of time and increasing the accuracy of tracking COGS.

Tarren Colwell

Owner, At The Heads & The Dunes