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Contactless QR ordering & payments –

NO app download required


Waitrr is a seamless ordering and payment tool designed to optimise the customer experience. We reshape how restaurants operate through improving customer service, solving the manpower shortage problem and increasing revenue, and reducing costs through state-of-the-art technology.


When customers order via Waitrr, these orders are automatically printed at the kitchen or the bar. 


Sign up for Waitrr with FoodRazor and receive a waiver on the signup fee (worth SGD 99) and also 50% off the first three -months subscription (worth SGD 448.50).


Volopay is a modern business account designed to save money with corporate cards, credit, money transfers, expense reimbursements, and automated accounting—all in one place.

We are a purpose-built spend management platform that helps you escape painful admin work, lack of control, and blinkered visibility, ultimately making payable processes easier. We bring together everything that's required to make payments for a business ranging from software subscriptions to petty cash, business travel to online advertising, employee reimbursements to vendor payouts.

Exclusive deal for FoodRazor customers: lifelong subscription of 15 USD/month/company.


Managing insurance is an equally painful process with lots of paperwork. Anapi digitises insurance policies to give you an overview of all your coverages across policy types and locations/outlets. They automate reminders so you don’t miss your renewals. 

Anapi has negotiated bulk discounts with insurers for FoodRazor clients to save on your insurance renewals. It’s a complementary tool to any existing relationship you may have with an insurance agent or broker. 

Be one of the first 30 sign-ups for an Anapi account with insurance policy uploads and receive 100 FoodRazor invoice credits for free. 


Sign up and upload your policies using the referral code: “FoodrazorXAnapi”. 

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The Foodie Coaches programs provide hospitality business owners with a proven system to create success in this industry for years to come. Whether that means creating a successful relaunch after the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing profits, getting you back more time, or setting your business up with branding & marketing strategies.

Register your interest in the form below and we'll get you connected with an expert from Foodie Coaches.

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