4 Key Customer Dining Preferences to look out for when Crafting your Menu

Crafting your restaurant/cafe's menu isn't an easy task. Not only do you have to think about what you want on it, how you want it to be designed, the descriptions, pricing, etc. With the everchanging consumer dining preferences, you've got a lot more to ponder about. We've selected the 4 main consumer dining trends that have surfaced over recent years that you should refer to when menu engineering.

#1 Allergen menus are increasingly common

It’s one to please your diners but another to be socially responsible for informing them of what they’re potentially eating. Allergen menus denoting everything from vegan options to gluten- and/or dairy-free options are no longer the exception but the norm. While it was a delight in the past that establishments flagged out the use of certain ingredients in their menus, it is now expected of them to do so. Likely questioned if they don’t.

Take a look at the especially-crafted menus from At The Heads, instead of only indicating the allergens or special dietary menus they’ve completely crafted a whole new section on their menu just for those:

#2 Menus reflecting healthier choices and alternatives