5 Tips to Optimise your Online Menu

If you've never focused much on your online menu, it is time you should. Iterating your online menu should be of equal importance as your dine-in menu, especially when certain unexpected situations arise and your dine-in customers can't be your main source of income anymore. Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips that you can refer to when trying to optimise your online ordering menu!

Narrow down your Menu Items

While your dine-in menu might have a ton of food items, it may not be all that wise to include everything in your online menu. Consider the fact that you have to package your food from your online menu for longer periods of time. Fried items could easily turn soggy because of condensation, side dishes like fries, or chips especially those with chili cheese sauce or guacamole that can easily coagulate or oxidize and turn a different color.

This is why it is important to re-evaluate the items that you want to offer for delivery/takeaway as they should be slightly different from those offered in your dine-in. As a quick tip, you should be minimizing any food item that could possibly have a change in taste or appearance if not consumed quickly, as mentioned before. The next thing you should do is to identify which menu items have relatively higher margins or which are your main staples. If you are already spending a lot on your food costs and packaging costs yet selling items that are of relatively lower margin, that could really end up expediting the losses for your establishment.

If it is possible to not include certain types of lower margin, not so important side dishes that can easily go soggy, it is of course highly recommended. However, in the case that such situations are impossible to avoid, spend a little more thought and money or creativity into thinking how to package these items for delivery and takeaway such that the experience is still great for the consumers. That way, you will get a thumbs up for good food, creativity, integrity, and lots more regulars.

Always use High-Quality Photos

What can we say, high-quality photos are the first thing your potential customers see, the moment they visit your menu page. Imagine yourself buying something off an e-commerce shop and the items are all shown in grainy, blurry pictures, versus you looking through another shop with sharp, high-quality pictures, of course, you’d choose to buy from the place that ensures quality photos. This is exactly the same or even more true for consumers looking to order delivery or takeaway. If the food in the pictures doesn’t look appealing enough, chances are they would not patronize your establishment. A picture alone can really determine the value and the image of your restaurant.

How to take high-quality photos with low or no budget:

If you’re taking pictures of the food yourself, here are a few points to take note of.