How To: Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

There’s no hard and fast rule to engaging food influencers. The reason is that there is more than just one type of influencer in that scope. You have celebrity chefs, food bloggers, vloggers, industry experts, etc. So many types of influencers catering to all sorts of audiences to choose from but who exactly would be the most ideal for your restaurant? That has to be done through research. Here are a few tips to get your influencer searching journey kickstarted.

3 Main Factors to consider before engaging an Influencer

  1. Platform

  2. Budget

  3. Duration


Deciding on which platform isn’t an easy feat but it is wise to choose which channel you wish to utilise before reaching out to influencers. Most of the time, YouTube or Instagram are reliable channels to consider for this industry.

If your dishes offer high aesthetic appeal, is interesting or if your location has “Instagrammable” spots, consider focusing on Instagram influencer marketing. You can easily attract new customers, especially millennials when come across irresistible photos of your food posted by these foodie influencers.

You may work with a YouTuber to create videos to show potential customers how your restaurant stands out from the rest. Mukbang and ASMR videos are very popular in recent years as well, if you own a QSR or FSR establishment you could offer to send them a series of signature dishes for them to create content with as paid promotion. Alternatively, there are YouTubers that go around sampling food from and creating vlogs rather than crafted videos, you could approach Vloggers to increase brand awareness of your establishment.