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How to respond to Restaurant Reviews + Templates

Some people may think, "Aren't the reviews just there, why do I have to reply to them?" That's one way of seeing it but if you, as a restaurant/cafe owner take time to respond to these reviews, imagine the positive sentiments you'd be creating. You're revolutionizing the way people see your restaurant/cafe as more than just a dining place, you're molding a real humanized concept for your brand. And that's what really matters these days.

It's definitely not easy handling negative reviews. Who likes hearing bad comments about their food or service? It's true, but if you take this as an opportunity to show that you're listening to your customer's feedback, this could be an entirely new ball game. Responding to negative reviews assures your customers that their comments have not fallen to deaf ears, that their constructive criticism is heard. Responding in a timely manner creates an even better impression on them. Not just that, when potential customers come across the way you reply to these past diners, who knows you might have just influenced their decision-making in a positive manner!

The common consensus is that yes, we should be responding to negative comments to address the issues, to appease the customers, etc. Is there really a need to respond to positive comments? Let's pose a question: When someone compliments you, do you thank the person for the compliment? Exactly, same thing. When customers give a good rating for the service or food at your restaurant, it makes sense to thank them and let them know that their feedback is much appreciated, that the comments made the team's day. Positive comments are opportunities to show gratitude and go one step closer to your potential customers.



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