76 Must-Know Restaurant Slangs

Are you an expert at these restaurant terms? It's a whole new language of its own!

2-top, 4-top: Refers to the number of guests you seat at a table.

5 Out: When a chef yells out "5 out!" it means that the dish they are working on will be ready for plating in 5 minutes.

86ed: Sometimes, the kitchen will run out of an ingredient in a menu item. This means it’s 86ed. Usually, the manager or the kitchen staff will alert servers so they don’t offer it or can inform guests.

Adam and Eve on a raft: This refers to two eggs—poached or scrambled—on toast.

All-day: The term "All Day" refers to the total number of items that need to be sent out from the kitchen. The term is usually used at the end of a long sentence.

Al Dente: The term is used when evaluating the correct degree of doneness, particularly pasta.

À la carte: Refers to when a customer orders an individual dish from the menu.

À La Minute - When something is made à la minute, it’s made fresh as opposed to being part of a large batch that was made earlier in the day. 

Back of the house (BOH): The back of the house staff are people who work in the “back” of the restaurant. These people are the chefs, kitchen prep, and storage area staff.