Restaurant Expansion: Key factors to Consider Before Making the Move

The people of Singapore love to eat. Their appetite for good food has increased the number of food businesses. According to research, the total operating expenses of a food business in Singapore is $8,747 million (2016). If you happen to be an owner of a restaurant in Singapore whose business is doing great, then it’s about time you expand your business. I am sure the idea has already occurred to you before but just the thought of expanding your business makes you think twice. After all, being a business owner is in itself a very arduous task. Expanding your already running business is even tougher.

Food costs taking up 1/3 of your business spending?

Fear not because FoodRazor crunches the data from your digitized invoices to tell you what products you are spending the most on. With this, you can adjust menu prices, keep an eye on portion sizes and adopt menu engineering to identify which menu items are profitable.


Here are some key considerations you will need to go through before taking this big leap.

Is it the right time?