The Magic of Upselling in Restaurants

“Would you like to have some fries or salad to go with that?”

That is the power of upselling, an essential tool that all restaurants, cafes, and even bars should take advantage of to maximise the potential of your menu items. Upselling is one of the most effective ways to increase your profits. While it is often perceived as a hard-selling tactic, there are ways to go about upselling to increase customer satisfaction and overall willingness to patronize your restaurant again.

Restaurant upselling is a method to encourage or influence customers to purchase higher-margin food items or add-ons. Whether it’s extra toppings on your pizza, or changing from the regular house red to a Cabernet, it’s a great way to entice your diners to spend a little more for a better dining experience.

Here are some tips to take note of when using the magic of upselling in your establishment.

A Well-Trained Team

Your team of staff is your bridge to your customers, the touchpoint for you to communicate your restaurant’s value to them. Henceforth, always have your team be careful to never be overtly pushy or pressurize your customers to purchase more. What you aim to do through upselling is to create added value to their experience dining with you, not to harras them to spend more. It could result in negative outcomes be it through reviews, losing potential long-term customers if your team ends up too pushy in their recommendations.

Rather than directly asking customers if they’d like to have an add-on as it is, it is better to indicate the “benefits” of doing so. For example, say your customer ordered a cheese platter and a simple house red to go with it. Having your staff know which cheese and wine go together could be beneficial because then they can relate to the customer which would be a better pair, ultimately creating an opportunity to upsell your menu.

There are instances where customers may be at a loss on what to order from your menu, especially if you have a wide variety of menu items. It’s at this time where a well-trained staff that is knowledgeable enough about the menu items, would be able to “sell”. You could package certain beverages or side dishes together with certain mains and create a food journey for the diners, and that’s something that they will remember your establishment for.

Using Descriptive Language in your Menu