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What Keeps Restaurant Owners Up at Night? 2/4: Inventory

We’ve come to the second part of the series. A variety of thoughts keep restaurateurs tossing and turning throughout the evening. We asked the question and are now creating resources that deal with the most significant problems, as shared with us by foodservice professionals just like you.

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Inventory ordering nightmare

The logistics of running a restaurant are never easy. The struggles of invoicing and scheduling are something that no restaurateur can honestly say they enjoy.

Specifically, the raw ingredient is an enormous area of concern for restaurant owners. Variance, spillage, and theft lead to the unaccounted loss of stock, which negatively impacts your restaurant's bottom line. Tasks like these aren't easy, but they can be made easier if you understand how to perfect your processes.

FoodRazor's Thought: Automate your inventory processes

Inventory tracking is an essential part of restaurant management. If you can't do this, it's either time to: find somebody who can, consider a career change, or learn the best ways to track, measure, and manage inventory.

An inventory function integrated into your order creation will save you hours of time and unspeakable amounts of effort. With this system in place, there’s no need to accommodate how every supplier wants to be contacted – from phone calls to text messages, emails, and even faxes.

Your orders and invoices can be tracked without deviation and misplaced paper invoices are no longer a problem because all of the data are collected in one central system. You can easily make inventory orders whenever necessary. This provides invaluable insight into what's selling and what's not, which allows for highly accurate and efficient ordering from suppliers.

Managing your supply and food inventory requires diligence, but when done correctly, you can minimize food waste and save money.

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