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[Webinar] Winning in the New Normal: F&B Edition


Alf, CEO of FoodRazor

Janson, Co-founder of StaffAny

Kenneth, Partnership Advocate of Talenox

F&B businesses have taken a hard hit but they've survived the pandemic. Now what? As the industry embraces the New Normal, are F&B business properly equipped with the tools to thrive in this climate?

In this webinar, Singaporean startups FoodRazor, StaffAny, and Talenox dissect a wide variety of topics ranging from BOH process optimization and lowering operational costs, to revolutionary staff management techniques.

Some takeaways from the webinar

  • Do more with less. Rising wages and the difficulty of hiring people will always be an ongoing issue in the industry. Business owners have to seize the opportunities to innovate and restructure while positioning themselves in the direction of improving productivity.

  • Diversification of roles into more revenue streams. The industry is seeing more businesses tapping onto opportunities to venture into possibilities of retail, or reinventing ways to operate, eg. Cloud Kitchens.

  • The core backbone of operations is a lean team of staff. F&B business owners should be striving towards having a minimum number of flexible and reliable crew functioning at the highest productivity rate. For eg, being able to match the kind of sales target with the labour required to maximise what can be done with a minimal team of staff.

  • Eliminate tasks that can be automated. Before businesses take the plunge into diversifying revenue streams, they have to be aware of the efforts dedicated to these new territories. Tasks that are menial, manual, repetitive and can be left to digital solutions to take care of them, should be done so. Removing these daily tasks ultimately frees up time for staff to dive deep into the new ventures and properly make them work for the businesses. Eg, accountants should not be spending hours on manual data entry but focusing on more advisory and consultancy work to help businesses find areas to reduce costs.

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