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Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

Just click on your billing subscription to cancel your plan. We will stop the system from automatically charging you the following month. However, we will not be able to refund you the remaining credit in your account.

What will I get as part of the Freemium?

You will receive access to the whole functionality of the platform, free onboarding by our Onboarding Specialist team, an extensive library of user guides and support from our Customer Success team. Most importantly, you will receive a free credit of 30 pages of invoices to upload onto our system for processing.

What happens when the Freemium ends?

Our system will prompt you if you’d like to continue using our platform. If yes, all you have to do is to key in your credit card information under Settings > Billings & Plans and select your preferred subscription. If not, our system will automatically stop.

What happens if I need another training session?

We have an extensive library of user guides readily accessible. However, if you do require another training session, it will be priced at USD250 per session.

What happens when I run out of pages of invoices to upload?

Our application will automatically top-up the number of pages of invoices based on your default credit package. To disable this option, you may go to Settings > Billings & Plans to uncheck the box.

What do you mean by pages of invoices?

If the document that you scan in is a double-sided invoice, we consider that as 2 pages.

Can I share the pages of invoices across outlets?

Yes, you may do so. The pages of invoices do not have an expiry date and are able to be shared across locations under your organisation.

What if I accidentally uploaded a wrong invoice?

Once the invoice is uploaded, there is a 20-minute window for you to take action and delete it. Once the invoice status for that invoice changes from “Pending” to “Processing”, it will be considered charged.

None of your plans suit our business, are there any other options?

If you require a customized plan, please contact us at

What if I cannot finish using the invoices within the month?

If you have yet to finish the 60 page of invoices that comes with the monthly subscription, the remaining invoices will be brought forward to the following month. If you purchased a top up invoice packge and have yet to finish using the invoices, the invoices can continue to be used in the following months until it runs out. The top up invoice package does not have an expiry date.

With the accurate input of invoices from FoodRazor, it allowed us to have a better summary of what's going on compared to manually keying in the invoices since we might miss out on some of them. We saved around 6-7 hours/month preparing the end-of-month reports.

Jiun Loong,

Manager, The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

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