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Food Waste Management Programme

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Through the Food Waste Waste Management Programme, FoodRazor and the Singapore Productivity Centre will assist F&B companies in transforming their restaurant operations through:


  1. Highlighting key problems

  2. Providing in-depth strategic reviews

  3. Full guidance in operational process redesign

  4. Practical recommendations  - against feasibility and market industry

Streamline your existing menu

Reduce overall food costs

Develop a SOP for recipe management

Establish food waste cards

How it works


SGPC will kickstart the assessment with the client and pass on the data to FoodRazor to digitise the operation process. FoodRazor will utilise its key invoice digitisation feature by line-item to automate the process and analyze the last few months’ worth of invoices to get a stronger sense of the establishment’s current food cost structure.


This is followed by a consultation process with SGPC based on the granular data collected and a new SOP will be established for the organisation. 


Alongside the implementation of relevant tools, FoodRazor will be used as a monitoring and insight tool to track  the overall effectiveness of the programme.

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