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See how Australian restaurant, Street Eats Eatery, uses FoodRazor to track spending and negotiate better pricings

What were some of the challenges that you faced before using FoodRazor?

We had issues with keying in invoice payments and manual entry of each invoice into the accounting software to track due payments. Data on the expenditure of specific products were unknown as there was no analytics of product spend over a period of time. Price changes on each invoice were not identified and sometimes we were paying a premium price for certain products.

How did FoodRazor help to tackle these challenges?

FoodRazor helped us to save time and money since there is no longer a need for manual invoice entry, it is fully automated through the platform, and also provides us with all the analytics on product spend, supplier spends, and price changes. The team has easy access to the platform as well and they can track each week's expenditure for their area and manage their weekly budget with ease.

We saw a great reduction in time spent and increases in margins: FoodRazor is a time-saving tool with invoices automatically loaded to Xero and through being able to visualise the spend analytics for the top 10 items purchased each week we were able to negotiate better products pricing from suppliers.

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 1.37.27 PM.png

FoodRazor helped us save time and money, there is no need for manual invoice entry, it is automated through the platform, it gives us analytics on product spend, supplier spends, and price changes. Just do it, it will save you heaps of time and the system is easy to use and will give you all the analytics you need to manage your food and beverage cost.

Ashish Chibba,

Owner, Street Eats Eatery

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