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Empower your business with a powerful invoice management platform

Who are we?

We are an invoice management, cost tracking, and purchase order management platform.

What do we do?

We digitise your invoices, generate your business spending insights and reports. Notify you of price hikes and integrate with your accounting software. Easily create orders and manage them.

Who are we for?

Restaurants, cafes and bars looking to save costs, increase profit margins and simplify their operations.

Trusted by restaurant owners & chefs around the world

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FoodRazor helped us to see clearly which ingredients were costing us too much compared to sales, which ones we were over-ordering & which suppliers were changing prices suddenly. Our COGS were reduced by probably a good 5-10% & 10 hours of my time saved every month.

Giulia Cian Seren

Owner, Sideways

FoodRazor helps you understand what your business is spending on


Invoice to insight in
24 hours

Take a photo of your invoices and upload, or upload by email to our platform and visualise the data within a day

No more manual data entry

Line-item details down to unit price and quantity



Stay on top of all price changes

Notify you when we detect any price increase from your invoices

No more over-paying suppliers


Visualise your weekly spending in real-time

Access customized spending reports within seconds

Take corrective action on your spending immediately



Seamlessly export to Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB

Automatically have invoices exported to your accounting software

Build detailed financial reporting by assigning unique accounting codes to each line-item

FoodRazor is a very positive solution for basically any food & beverage operator who is serious about buying their food and getting the best for their buck. And also holding their chefs accountable for what they buy.

Guy Wachs

Co-Founder, Wild Honey


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