5 Must-have Technology for Restaurants and Cafes to tackle the Pandemic

We’re tired of hearing the same old phrase all the time. “It’s a trying time”, “During these unprecedented times”, we’ve heard it all. Instead of brooding on the fact that it is indeed a tough time, what else can be done to help restaurants and cafes push through and to survive? Here are 5 must-have technologies that restauranteurs should adopt to be more self-sufficient especially during this period of time.


What is Waitrr?

Waitrr is an ordering and payments app that speeds up the process for your customers and your operations. To minimise contact and waiting time, this app enables customers to order and pay directly through their mobile phones and easily streamline the ordering process. Where contactless payment and service are highly regarded in this business climate, this app provides everything a restaurant or cafe requires to still function quickly and efficiently.


What is Oddle?

Oddle is an all-in-one online ordering system created to reduce the dependence on other third-party platforms and to be more self-sustainable. Oddle provides a simple and easy way to create your menu online without having to know how to code, sleek processes to manage your orders, detailed insights into your customers, and top-performing dishes. There’s no need to fret over the logistics part or even the payments part of it since Oddle takes care of it all. Oddle could be a vital piece of survival for many restaurants and cafes alike especially since the entire dining culture has changed drastically over the past few months.