Checklist to Start a Food Delivery Service for your Restaurant

Offering delivery services is no longer an option when it comes to restaurant businesses. According to a recent survey on food orders in Singapore, almost 70% of consumers order food through online means at least once a month. If you compare the stats, you will see that these consumers can be converted into loyal customers if you can be a part of this delivery community.

Take hotpots for example, a meal that involves many kitchen equipment and a gazillion other ingredients that you can put in the soup. It seems quite a hassle to have that done at home, let alone be delivered. Yet in recent years, food services have gone beyond expectations and the entire hotpot set can now be delivered to your doorstep. Better yet, some restaurants even help you to set up their portable stove, provide all the ingredients packed into boxes for convenience.

It is estimated that by the end of 2020; food delivery apps are going to be the core of most restaurants. Many restaurants have also claimed that they generate 30% orders from online delivery apps and losing such a significant percentage can really put them in serious trouble.

Diving into this new leg of service can be daunting. Here is a (near) complete checklist of things to look out for to set up your restaurant delivery service to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Check on your Available Human Resources (Kitchen & Admin)


Particularly the kitchen line, many restaurants are not structured to cater to the rigors of a delivery service. At specific times of the day and of the year, say holiday seasons, restaurants should expect to see higher volume of orders. It is essential to adjust the typical kitchen line, including manpower and menus to fit with the influx of orders.

Pro tip: Employees on the line should have proper foodservice training to handle the workflow so that t