How to Keep Your Man-Power Lean in your F&B Business

It is no longer news that Singapore has rolled out tighter restriction policies to keep the manpower lean in the F&B industry. If this has left you bewildered, you don’t have to be. As a matter of fact, there are several options that could help you operate on a leaner scale without losing efficiency.

The F&B business is traditionally labour-intensive. To operate a standard restaurant, you have to hire manpower to get supplies, make the food, serve the food, and even guard the door. There are probably a dozen other areas where you hire workers.

The new policies have transformed all that. So, as an F&B business owner, how can you stay compliant with these new policies without hurting your business? We’ve sieved out a couple of alternatives that will significantly help you cut back on the number of workers your business requires:

Grab-And-Go Food Kiosks

Food kiosks are one effective alternative if you want to cut back on staff. In fact, while just starting out, you can even run everything as a one-man-show. With a few tools and just a number of menu items, you can easily manage a grab-and-go kiosk. A perfect example would be Doco Donburi at the International Plaza.

Many times the owners of the kiosks have everything they need prepared but lack the fundamental knowledge to manage a kiosk. You really don’t have to burden yourself. The most important thing is to find a good location. The location is a key point to achieve or exceed the sales raised.

It’s ideal to situate at a place where the influx of people is large, this ensures that your kiosk has enough visibility and accessibility. Another point to take into account is that it is located between buildings, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, etc. since your kiosk will be the point of reference for people who live around or visit these establishments.

While you may be conflicted on whether to provide a space for people to dine in, it doesn’t have to take up too much space. Think about it, if you’re situated somewhere human traffic is high, chances are they’ll be too busy to dine in anyway. Providing a grab-and-go option makes it convenient for them too. This alone will cut back on the extra duties for your staff, such as having to take orders and clear tables.

People will line up by your kiosk to get their food themselves. You can even automate part of that process with a self-ordering or self-payment machine. Even if it’s necessary to hire additional staff, it would be due to the need to make more food.