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25 Questions to Cross-sell and Upsell your Menu Items

Upselling and cross-selling are techniques that require training and experience. There has to be a balance between upselling/cross-selling and being too pushy to customers. Striking that balance will enable your establishment to create better experiences for your diners, get good reviews, and earn a higher profit margin. To make things slightly easier when training your staff to upsell/cross-sell, here are some questions that your staff can take into consideration when facing customers.

  1. Can I get you a bottle of sparkling water?

  2. May I get you something to drink? Our specialty cocktails are uniquely and specially concocted.

  3. Would you like to begin with one of our appetizers or small plates? I highly recommend _____, it’s one of our most popular dishes.

  4. Since you had this to start, I’d like to recommend getting this dish for your entree.

  5. Would you like to get a bottle of wine that pairs well with your dinner?

  6. Can I offer you a dessert menu? We make all these in-house and fresh to order.

  7. I do have 3 entree recommendations for you, _____, _____, _____.

  8. Would you like to try our newest addition to the menu today?

  9. Great, would you like to make that a set meal?

  10. Would you like to add ____ to that _____?

  11. Instead of the regular sides would you like to try one of our premium sides?

  12. Have you had a chance to browse our new menu desserts?

  13. Any extra sauces I can get you with that?

  14. To upsize that’s only an additional ____, would you like to upsize?

  15. Would you like ___ and ___ to start? It’s our most popular appetizer.

  16. Great choice, these ____ pair really well with ____, would you like to have that served as well?

  17. We have add-ons for these _____, I personally really like this combination, would you like try it?

  18. Would you like to have dessert for take-out instead? It’s fresh out of the oven!

  19. Would you like a sample pour of our craft beer?

  20. Would you like the family meal with a wide variety of dishes that can be shared?

  21. Adding extra ____ to ____ is actually one of my personal favourite combos, would you like to get that?

  22. May I suggest to get the bottle of ____ to share amongst yourselves?

  23. This is today’s daily special, highly recommended, and very popular. We only have limited servings a day, would you like to try?

  24. Would you care to start with an appetizer tonight? Our chef is running our house favorite, ______.

  25. Would you like to add a soup or a salad to your entrée? Today’s soup is _______.


Ready to run your restaurant more efficiently?

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