Why Use Facebook for Restaurant Marketing?

There are several reasons why restaurants should leverage upon Facebook’s features. With a platform that’s constantly churning out new features, restaurants stand to benefit just by providing organic content or reposting user-generated content.

Free Referrals

Free referrals sound too good to be true but when you really look into the features that Facebook has available, you’ll know that there’s plenty of word-of-mouth traffic going around. How this works is by having your diners and customers “check-in” to your restaurant’s location and to like your business page. “Checking-in” turns into a post that easily gets seen by 150-200 friends of the person who posted, while it informs their friends that they were there at the physical location. Liking a page ensures that your diners remain engaged with your business even after they leave the location. Any updates from your business page will appear on their feed and if they were satisfied with the service from dining in at your restaurant previously, any update from your page will likely pique their interest for future visits or orders.

Key point: Why leverage on free referrals? Facebook friends are generally acquainted with one another and that’s something you’ll have to keep in mind. Credibility is greatly enhanced when friends see posts from each other’s feeds and greater trust in the opinions of those in their network.

Have all your information readily available

Besides having your own website for your restaurant, having another platform to house your information is a plus. Why? Because we all know it’s not as easy updating a website as compared to a social media platform. On top of that, content from your own website is less likely to go viral as compared to something that’s already on social media.